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Werds. Words. Wuhrds.

I probs loose followers constantly cuz I’m not feminist enuff, or punk enuff, or lady enuff & my music taste is all over the place but it sux. To theatre faggy, art faggy, wannabe, poser, old lady, dark lady, chubby lady. Says ‘Lady”. Urban asshole. LA is for creeps. Who knows. Tonight feels special. Bought a chair. All alone. Who cares about you or me? & Why do we care so much? Speakers on. A mop & a bucket of bleach & it feels like I’m in heaven. I don’t mean to be awkward. I really love making friends. I admire from a ┬ádistance because my social skills feel janky. All my friends they visit me & they watch me decorate my room because I am crazy & that is how I function socially. I probs loose followers cuz they can smell me. Ah who gives a fuck. JACKIES COMING OVER TO SIT ON MY NEW CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

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